How to Generate Preferred Deal Reports in Ad Manager

If you’re running programmatic direct orders and want to see the detailed stats on your preferred deals, you can do so by heading over the reporting section of Google Ad Manager. The process for running reports on programmatic deals is similar to running other reports in Ad Manager. 

A quick overview of the report can give you insightful data about the deal progress, best-performing ad units, geography, device type, and more; thereby making you more informed about the overall performance progress of the deal.

How to Generate Preferred Deal Reports in Ad Manager

To generate a programmatic preferred deal report in Google Ad Exchange, navigate to the Reporting section and select the Reports option. Let’s take a look at the steps involved for each programmatic report type.

Step 1: Set the report type to Historical

Step 2: Create a filter for Programmatic order and set it to Is True

Step 3: Create a filter for Programmatic channel and set it to Is Preferred Deals OR create a filter for Line item type and set it to Is Any of Preferred Deal.

Step 4: Now you can choose from the list of available ‘Dimensions’ which you want reporting on.

Step 5: Following this, you can select the metrics which you want to be available in the final reports like Ad Exchange impressions, clicks, eCPM, active view, revenue, and other fields. 

The steps involved in generating a preferred deal report is pretty straightforward and easy. It gives substantial performance information about the deal and can make you aware of the best available inventory options for you in the future. You can read more about how to generate a private auction report in Ad Exchange here. Feel free to subscribe to our network’s weekly newsletter to read the best of Pub Digest

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