How to Prioritize Pricing Rules and Best Practices

The prioritization and ordering of Ad styles and backup ads is absolutely imperative, and more so where there is an overlap between inventory in some rules and other inventory in other rules.

The management of the configuration where these sets intersect is determined by the priority. When a priority is assigned to a rule, a decision is given out as to which rule takes precedence over another rule. The rules are applicable in numerical order. So, if there is an overlap between Rule 2 and Rule 5, Rule 2 takes precedence.

Instance- There are three rules, with priority 1,2 and 3 and they overlap and match the same ad request.

So, the overlapping is avoided by applying the rule with the highest priority on the ad request. Then if targeting is met, but the rule provides pricing settings for only a subset of the buyers, the next eligible rule for the buyers is additionally applied.

You can order your rules and go through them on the Rules page and can use either of the following methods-

Change of priority number- in the space that is on the left of the rule name. Once you click away from the number field, the rules update in ascending order of priority automatically.

Move your rules- in whatever order you wish with the cross arrow. To edit the priority, you can make use of the drag-and-drop functionality. Until you can witness the cross arrow, keep the cursor on the current rule and with right click, drag the rule to the desired location. The order of priority sees an update automatically.

Best practices for rules prioritization-

The following practices are advisable to configure your inventory-

  • Place all buyer/advertiser particular pricing towards the top on the list. So, the pricing is enforced and the remaining traffic still flows through.
  • All the generic everyone pricing rules should be on the lower rungs in the list to make sure the pricing is enforced.
  • Be careful to order all rules with pricing set for all.

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