List of Bidding Types in Ad Exchange

There are various kinds of transactions available in Ad Exchange. In this article, we will discuss all of those in length.

Open Bidding– was earlier known as Exchange bidding and helps the Company enable certain advertising exchanges and SSPs with which the Company has a direct contractual relationship to compete with Ad exchange and Ad Manager for Company’s inventory in a real time and unified auction.

First Look- such transactions are based on auction transactions for particular inventory with particular buyer/ buyers who bid along your designated floor price, which using rules was configured. They are considered Open Auction transactions for certain purposes like billing/ revenue share calculation.

Open Auction– are also auction based transactions for inventory that is available to all buyers.

The following three are managed via the Deals interface, and a Deal ID holds association with these kinds of transactions-

Preferred Deal- are transactions that are negotiated between specific buyer/buyers and the publishers and have a fixed price and are pre-auction.

Private Auction– are transactions that are based on auction and have a very particular list of buyer/buyers that are allowlisted by the company.

Programmatic Guaranteed– are fixed price transactions that have a pre-committed set of inventory and are negotiated with one buyer only.

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